Dress Warm, Stay Out Longer!

Be smart when dressing for a day of winter fun

When the snow starts falling along with the temperatures, everyone wants to rush outdoors to start enjoying the fresh powder.

Dressing appropriately can make a difference in the amount of time you’ll be able to spend outdoors comfortably.

Some tips:

Layering is the key to keeping warm from the chill, especially in the wintertime when conditions change at a moment’s notice, and one ski run might be windier than another. Remember: You can always take layers off, but you can’t put more clothes on if you don’t have them with you. Waterproof, breathable gear is best. Also, a turtleneck, sweater and insulated coat are necessities for weathering snow, slush and wind. On the legs, long underwear, pants and insulated snow pants or wind pants will do the job way better than a pair of jeans.

Snowpants have come a long way, and are thin enough now to provide warmth while also looking fashionable.

A hat that covers the ears is critical, because a great deal of body heat is lost through the top of the head. Ears are also very susceptible to frost bite.

Waterproof gloves or mittens and winter-appropriate socks are essentials. Most sporting goods stores, ski resorts and winter outfitters carry socks that are made for cold climates while not being too bulky or itchy with wool. Always bring an extra pair of socks and gloves in case a pair gets wet. Cold hands and feet can ruin the best day’s winter fun.

Stay Warm With The Following:

Head - Hat that covers the ears

Top - Turtleneck, sweater, insulated coat

Bottom - Long underwear, pants, insulated snowpants

Feet - Thick socks, waterproof boots/ski boots

Hands - Waterproof gloves & mittens


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